Welcome to Josh Q Cyclist.  So there are the John Q Citizens out there – your average every day people and as I am an average every day cyclist with an average budget, that makes me Josh Q Cyclist.

I’m an amateur cyclist.  I commute to work on my bike as much as possible, I hit the road for the charity rides, and, like so many, I try to hit the trails on the weekend and watch the miles tick away.  Basically, time in the saddle is a zen escape for me.

But because I am not a pro or a racer, I don’t have the budget for the super fancy bikes or the budget for those sweet carbon aero wheels, power meters, etc.  That said, I’m not letting a much smaller budget limit my enjoyment of not only getting out on the road but also to upgrade or add elements to my two-wheeled ride.  

You can still get a good bike computer or sensors on your bike without breaking the bank.  And while the components might not always be the exact same that you see on the pro peloton bikes that’s ok because, lets face it, we aren’t in the pro peloton.  For example you can get a wealth of stats from a bike computer and sensors for a little less than the top of the line offerings.  You can get a comfortable, aero helmet that is well ventilated without spending a couple hundred dollars.  

With the right choices and decisions those of us on the limited budget can still enjoy the upgrade path, maybe just not at the same regularity or level as those with the deeper pockets.  But here is the thing, sometimes there are just slight differences between the high-end and the not-so high-end.  Sometimes it is just a weight difference or slight capabilities (that we might not even need or use).  It doesn’t mean you are missing out, because unless you are racing many of these things will get lost.

But this won’t be just about tech and bikes.  I also want to show some rides, especially the charity rides or long distance rides.

So keep an eye out here, follow me on:

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and YouTube soon enough.