The weekend of the MS: Chesapeake Challenge 150 mile ride finally arrived. This was a weekend full of riding and celebrations. Traveling all around the Eastern Shore of Maryland, we had plenty of sites to see – lots of corn fields too.

The first day, 100 miles, I rode with a guy I met at the start line, Larry. We helped pull each other along the route and in the end the 100 miles felt more like 50. Despite the forecast of rain, the weather held out for us, well, the rain held off, it was quite hot out!

The second day there was a lot more headwind and while it wasn’t as hot is was incredibly humid. I rode this one by myself, for the most part. I did start off with a pace line for the first 12 miles or so but then pulled back so that I could talk a little more for the video and to pace myself. These 50 felt harder to do than the previous day’s route.

In the end I had an incredible time and proved to myself that I could tackle a challenge such as this. What it also means is I am now ready for the next big challenge to come my way!