While I did participate in the Armed Forces cycling Classic Challenge Ride on Sunday morning, I don’t have footage of that – apparently I hit the ‘stop’ button on my camera just before taking off and didn’t know until I was done. More on my results below.

However, I did take plenty of footage of the races that happened: Clarendon Cup and Crystal Cup, and the kids races as well. So I put this video together as a little overview of the excitement and energy of the weekend.

Congrats to all the winners! More information can be found here http://cyclingclassic.org/

And for my results.

The challenge ride was a 6.5 mile loop and we had 3 hours to get in as many laps as possible. My timing chip seemed to not communicate with their tracker very well as I was listed to only have completed 8 laps. It read that my 5th lap too 38 minutes which doesn’t make sense because all my laps were about half that time. So the times listed below are from my cycling computer:

Lap 1: 16:33
Lap 2: 17:06
Lap 3: 17:29
Lap 4: 18:26
Lap 5: 18:59
Lap 6: 20:20
Lap 7: 20:07
Lap 8: 20:30
Lap 9: 20:03

Miles: 58.03 Miles
Active Time: 2:49:43
Average MPH: 20.5

That gives me a baseline to beat for next year.