So Sunday morning looks to be a pretty good day for a ride, after these past few days that is a welcomed forecast.  However, I won’t be strapping on the shoes and hitting the trail.  Instead of my ass being in the saddle it will be in the car driving to Stop Swap and Save event in Maryland.  From their website:


The STOP, SWAP AND SAVE is the place to sell your old parts and bikes or take advantage of unbelievable deals on everything you need for a great season of cycling. Buy, sell, browse, shop, trade or just hang out with industry reps, individual vendors, bike shops, manufacturers and like-minded cyclists!!


I don’ know what to expect when I go there but I am excited to give the event a look-see.  I will be there with my camera and a GoPro to see what coverage I can gather while trying to avoid whiplash with what I’m sure will be tables as far as I will be able to see.  If all goes well, next week I will have a bunch of things to discuss both here and on video with tech, gear, wrap-ip of the event as a whole, and anything else that pops up.