I have been building a mental list of things that I want to get my hands on to test/review/try out for us mid-range cyclists budget range.  Instead of keeping that list in my head (not a fully reliable place to store it) I figured I should just jot them down here.


  • bone conducting headsets
  • trainers
  • handlebar (alum v carbon)
  • other lights
  • safety gear (indicator helmets, clothing, etc)
  • health, protein, recovery drinks/shakes, gels
  • car and pedestrian notifications – bells, horns, etc
  • saddles (in progress)
  • Stems (in progress)
  • Wheels
  • power meter (not the most budget friendly but everyone has to splurge a little every now and then right?


I think that is a good start right?


Now to win the lottery so I can dive into the list.