So a little while back (Early November) I kicked sweets and soda to the curb.  This was a challenge to see ‘if’ I could stop all the little snacking throughout the day.  I am also terrible about moderation, especially with said sweets and soda, so instead of just cutting back – that never works with me – I knew what needed to happen was a complete removal from my daily diet in order to kickstart any new eating habits.  The initial timeframe was for two weeks but that got extended to the end of the year.


I still don’t know if the removal of sweets from my diet was properly timed or poorly timed what with all the Thanksgiving and holiday homemade sweets in full bloom.


When I say removal of sweets I mean anything that had extra sugar in them.  I was off cookies, brownies, cakes, ice cream, candy, slurpees, chocolate, doughnuts, sweet rolls … you get the idea.  I didn’t even have cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving or the cranberry sauce I made for Christmas – I probably could but since I put in the sugar when making the sauce I decided I better not.  There was a waiver for dark chocolate since that has some antioxidant benefits but I figured I didn’t want to use that as a loophole and then just gorge on dark chocolate treats.


Without having access to just grabbing a handful of whatever, I needed to have something to turn to in order to somewhat satiate my extreme sweet tooth.  and when I say extreme I mean ExTrEmE!  Knowing that fruit was a nice sweet treat I turned to Apples because there is plenty of variety, relatively inexpensive, and easy to prep and take to work with me.


Ok, let’s pause here for a sec so I can explain the prep.  I already know what your next question is, “But AJC, apples don’t need prep outside of giving them a quick wash.  What do you mean?”  Well dear friends, I am a little … hmmm, peculiar when it comes to apples – ok ok, weird is what those closest to me say, and not just about apples but all sorts of food, but that is for a different post maybe.  I don’t like to eat an apple the ‘traditional’ way.  I cut an apple up into 16 pieces and only cutting away the inner most core.  By cutting up the apple this way I think I get more apple and have less waste.  So yes, easy to prep and take with me to work.


Now that that is settled, let’s get back to business.


I love apples and I grew up really enjoying Granny Smith apples.  Seeing as how I’m not the only one in the house that eats apples but I am the only one that enjoys the Granny Smith apples, I had to branch out from my apple safe space to find some other tasty apples to devour.  At the prompting of the wide I picked up some honeycrisp apples and well, they didn’t last very long.  The meat is nice and crisp and the flavor is sweet and juicy without being too much and are great right out of the refrigerator.  You see, most fruit is better if you let it come to room temperature before chomping into it, they can be juicier and better tasting, honeycrisp don’t give a … it doesn’t matter when it comes to honeycrisp.  I was going through 3 apples a day, which doesn’t sound too bad until you realize that you buy them by the pound and nice big apples are heavy, so $20 and 3-4 days later I am all out of apples – the long told plight of healthy food being $$$ while unhealthy food is $.


After a couple months of being honeycrisp’s biggest fan I needed to branch out and start trying other varieties to see what others I might enjoy as well, change things up a bit so they don’t get stale and stagnant.  A visit to the store later and I have a bag of 4 different apple varieties for me to audition and see what will be the co-star to honeycrisp.  36 hours later the 4 apples are gone and I didn’t write down which ones I liked or didn’t like and I also didn’t explain what I liked/didn’t like about them.  Brilliant!


A few days ago I went to the store and picked out three varieties of apples and picked up two of each so that I can have one type each day and write down my thoughts and feelings on them.


This is a long-winded introduction but you gotta start somewhere right?  Right.  So let’s get on with the first apple



For starters, Ambrosia apples are nice and big.  Having these big meaty things is both an advantage and disadvantage.  When you eat one you aren’t real hungry fora  bit, so they are good for holding off the hunger pangs.  However, big apples like this can also easily rack up the cost.  Are they worth their weight in apples?   Do they have the flavor that one would think ‘oh yes, this is ambrosia’?


Let’s start with the skin.  One of the reasons I stayed away from red and reddish apples for so long was because I really didn’t like the red skin.  It wasn’t just the texture of the skin I didn’t like but also the flavor.  There was a bitterness that I would experience biting into an apple that ruined the flavor of the meat so I avoided red altogether.  That said, the red on the ambrosia is not bad at all.  The skin isn’t the most delicate and it has a nice little snap to it when biting in – not a hard snap like on a sausage casing like Granny Smith apples tend to have.  It also broke down easily enough and didn’t get in the way of the true price of an apple, the inner meat.


For me, apples tend to have one of four types of textures: crisp, soft, midway between the two, and gritty.  A honeycrisp is as you would expect, crisp.  The ambrosia apple isn’t quite as crisp but it also isn’t a very soft texture, I would say it is halfway between the two.  I do enjoy a nice crunch of an apple so to not have that is a little disappointing to me.  Luckily the apple isn’t super soft either.  The only thing worse than having an apple that you can cut with a spoon is an apple that has a gritty or mealy texture.  So while this apple isn’t super crisp, it also isn’t a soft or mealy piece of fruit.


As for the juiciness, it isn’t the most juicy, even after being at room temperature for a few hours.  I wouldn’t say it is dry, what apple really is, but as a whole I prefer something that has a little more of a juice ‘grab’ for me.  It isn’t bad but it needs a little more for me.  Because it isn’t that juicy I think that affects how sweet the flavor is overall.  Ambrosia is not a very sweet apple.  It has a little element of sweetness here and there but overall this seemed more of a savory styled apple.  The flavor was more of a neutral apple flavor to me, reminding me of a pear that wasn’t juicy really.


I can see me putting this apple on a plate with dinner as an accompaniment versus turning to it for a sweet snack during the day or as a dessert.


And don’t worry, the other apple reviews will be shorter.











  • Big - filling
  • Tasty skin
  • Goes will with meal
  • Texture is somewhat firm


  • Big - can add up
  • Not crisp
  • Lack of juiciness
  • Not very sweet