I’m not one to make New Years Resolutions.  I don’t want to resolve to do things I just want to … well, do things.  With that in mind I have 2017 goals.   So what is my difference between a goal and a resolution?  I see a resolution as something one wants to start or stop whereas goals are things to accomplish.


My cycling goals for 2017:

  • Ride in a couple charity rides
  • Do two multi-day group rides.  I am already registered for RAGBRAI
  • Get a trainer (and try out Bkool and Zwift)
  • grow this baby of a site
  • Do at least 12 reviews and comparisons of bike gear/tech
  • Get some Youtube videos done to pair with things I write about here
  • I should do a miles goal but I don’t know what to shoot for on here.  Because I like the number 4 I will say 4,000 miles.
  • Grab the rest of the existing medals that Yes.Fit offers for biking.  (Might as well complete the collection)

That should get me started and keep me busy throughout the year don’t you think?