Just a few random notes on this rainy cold December Monday morning.


  • This is still a very sparse site but I have a lot of ideas and things in the works to start getting more on here.  Starting off something like this is always a daunting task because you want to get new readers and show the companies that you are trying to do legit reviews but when you only have a handful or two of posts proving that legitimacy is a steep uphill climb.  But, I’m trying to not let that bog me down.  How do you ride 100 miles?  One mile at a time.  How do you build up a site with content?  One post at a time.
  • One way I plan on building up the site is by doing these little weekly check-ins of what I’m thinking about, what I’m working on, and what I accomplished for the previous week and the coming week.  It seems a little presumptuous to call it a ‘state of the site’ type of thing when I am just starting up so I will just call it a brief check-in.
  • Bike computers.  I finally threw together a post in the GEAR section of the site explaining why I chose the Wahoo ELEMNT over the Garmin Edge 1000.  It was a tough decision and I went back and forth several times before making a final decision.  As I would find one item frustrating about the ELEMNT I would decide on the Edge 1000 but I would then find something frustrating about the Edge 1000 which would turn the tides back to the ELEMNT.  In the end I believe I made the right choice for me and I am happy with the ELEMNT.  Who knows, maybe I can have a Kickr Snap in my future!  Wouldn’t that just be a Christmas Miracle
  • I did a couple quick tweets this weekend about the Urban 800 light that I’m using for commuting.  I didn’t really do a comparison between lights to then warrant typing up a  head to head type of thing.  I  could sit down and type up a review of the light to explain in a few more words what I couldn’t get out via twitter.  Admittedly the two tweets I did about the light looks more like a paid advertising but I’m not getting a thing from anyone so that bias is kind of out the window.
  • My first pair of clipless pedals I ever used were Speedplay and so when I bought my new bike I grabbed another pair of Speedplay to put on.  Over the last few weeks I have noticed a pair of Ultegra pedals on Performance’s return/open box table at a significant reduction in price.  Being the curious sort I went ahead and picked them up to test out.  So over the next week or two I will give these pedals a try and see which I prefer and do another head to head post.
  • Saddles!  I think I need to visit a LBS to see about saddle fittings.  The one I currently have is fine for my commute (15 miles one way) but when I get out for the 60 mile rides it is not that comfortable.  I replaced the saddle on my previous bike mainly for vain reasons – ok, I liked the look and color and bought it online without trying it – but I lucked out and rode on it for 10 years.  This time around I would like to see how to get properly fitted for a saddle.  I have some time off coming up so getting that done should happen soon.
  • I didn’t get out on the bike this weekend, unfortunately.  The weekends are the best time to get those long rides in, but when your schedule is slammed something has to take a hit, this weekend it was going for a ride.  My consolation is that I do have a few weeks of leave that I’m taking and so I should be able to catch up on the miles there.  Sure it will be damn cold out but I should have enough gear to keep me bundled up and feeling comfortable enough to be out.
  • Yes.Fit has been a lot of fun to play with.  Getting home after a great ride is always satisfying, but with the virtual ‘races’ that Yes.fit has it also means I get a little something else for each outing.  Yeah I know what you are saying, “what, getting out on the bike and exercising, and bettering yourself wasn’t enough you want a little participation trophy?”  But I don’t see it that way.  I see it kind of like how Strava is.  It is a semi-social activity that can be paired with your time in the saddle.  If I keep the medals they give out at the end of the charity rides and other long-distance group rides then why not enjoy these fun medals as well?

I think I will cap this at here, gotta save a few things for next week.   Until then, keep pedaling.